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How much is double jaw surgery?

How much is double jaw surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery is a popular practice nowadays. When it was originally done in Singapore, like in other countries, it was considered a serious procedure requiring several hours of operation and afterwards critical care. Most double jaw procedures may now be completed in four hours, with two days of rehabilitation in a general ward. This is due to the development of surgical and anesthetic procedures over the years, which decreases complications and enhances the efficiency of the surgery itself. However, the cost of surgery has remained rather high. This is because most of the greater “productivity” comes from the employment of advanced technology, which raises costs. As surgery grows safer, patients’ aesthetic needs become more complex. Patients seeking corrective jaw surgery nowadays are looking for more than just a functional improvement. In reality, most patients desire aesthetic jaw surgery. As a result, additional time is required in the pre-surgical evaluation to evaluate the patient’s aesthetic expectations, which frequently necessitates the use of computer-simulated procedures on virtually rebuilt models derived from CT scan data. Let’s look at what goes into the cost of corrective jaw surgery.

There are several techniques for patients with varying expectations, requirements, and demands. Some patients follow the “Just do it” mindset. This group of patients is uninterested in the aesthetic results of the procedure. They just want the operation to rectify the posture of their jaws so that an orthodontist can correctly align their teeth. They do not need or want to discuss the aesthetic outcomes of various alternatives. As a result, their therapy generally consists of a single jaw procedure, a one-night stay in the hospital, and they may go home the following morning. However, the majority of individuals seeking corrective jaw surgery do so for aesthetic reasons. This group generally has a longer preoperative discussion, and double jaw surgery is usually required to satisfy their cosmetic objectives. Let’s have a look at the expense at each level.

Initial assessment:

This usually takes two to three visits. At the initial appointment, I will do a preliminary examination of the patient and explain broad choices that are appropriate for the patient. This normally takes an hour to an hour and a half. Up to this stage, consultation fees will vary from $100 to $200.

Diagnostic records:

Using this preliminary information, the patient determines whether to go to the next phase, which is to get diagnostic records such as CT scans, dental casts, pictures, and so on. Some patients need time to think, while others want to continue with record taking within the same session. A full set of diagnostic data will take around 30 minutes and cost between $1500-2000.

Examine of treatment choices: About two weeks after the diagnostic records are collected, the patient returns to review the treatment options. Here, we go through a computer simulation of the impacts of the operation on the face. This is when the patient specifies that he desires, say, a more pronounced chin, and we mimic it on the computer to observe the result. This session costs between $100 and $200.

Orthodontics: Some people need braces prior to surgery. If the patient does not already have an orthodontist, he or she will be sent to one. Pre-surgical orthodontics might cost between $6000 and $8000, depending on the intricacy and length of treatment required.


One month before the surgery, an updated set of records will be obtained and submitted to the laboratory to construct a set of surgical guides that will place the jaw in the anticipated position. Some patients will also go to the blood bank to “give” some of their own blood for use following surgery. A single jaw procedure will typically cost about $25000, while a double jaw surgery would cost around $35000. This will cover the cost of 3-4 hours in the operating room, one to two days in the hospital, as well as surgeon and anesthetist expenses. Part of this cost may be paid using Medisave. The Medisave withdrawal limit for double jaw surgery is around $7500. I will see the patient once a week for a month, following which he will return to the orthodontist to complete the braces.

Corrective jaw surgery is not affordable. Charges may fluctuate significantly across clinics and hospitals. It is not always simple to compare service pricing since various surgeons have different procedures. Check out a few practices, including several public hospitals. Finally, selecting a surgeon is a personal decision based mostly on whether you trust the surgeon to perform the best job for you.

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