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What is double jaw surgery?

Double Jaw Surgery

Double jaw surgery, also known as bi-maxillary osteotomy, is the operation of operating both jaws at the same time. It is known that most of the time, maxillofacial surgeons operate on only one chin. It is a service that people prefer both in line with their aesthetic needs and to correct their functional skeletal problems. Although it is usually recommended to people because of abnormal biting problems (malocclusion), it is also preferred for people who have a protruding chin and are uncomfortable with it.


With Double Jaw Surgery, the most appropriate results that can be provided to the patient are evaluated. It is a service provided to resize, reshape and reposition the jawbones. This surgery, which is performed to improve the person’s quality of life, does not disrupt the daily routine. It does not affect people’s daily routine too much. It is an operation performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting and usually takes 3-4 hours.

Double Jaw Surgery Before and After

People who want to have double jaw surgery need references to confirm the reliability of the hospital and to check whether it will provide the result that the doctor expects. Our institution, which has prepared a system where they can reach the results of double jaw surgery before and after, provides work for people to be satisfied with the service they receive.


The advantages of our clinic for double jaw surgery;

  • The operation is carried out in a clean room with the assistance of a team of highly trained medical professionals, including anesthesiologists. Our medical professionals have obtained their bachelor’s degrees from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, and they have a wealth of experience in this sector as a result of the extensive training they have undergone.
  • In our clinic, where our doctors are open to communication, one-to-one communication is established with our patients. Detailed information about the results of the surgery is provided. People are prevented from encountering an unexpected result after surgery.
  • After viewing the double jaw surgery before and after images, people can ask all the questions they are curious about, both to our physicians, to our nurse friends, and to our personnel who will provide special companions sent to them. Every question is answered until there is not a single question mark in the mind of the person.
  • Before double jaw surgery, information is given about the things to be considered based on the patient’s ailments and age. The doctor may suggest discontinuing the use of certain drugs or may request to perform the surgery as a result of the treatment of certain diseases.

Double Jaw Surgery Cost

The most affordable price options are offered for double jaw surgery cost. In this environment where people will be comfortable, both the best and most comfortable service will be provided and budget-friendly allowances will be made. Factors determining double jaw surgery cost;

  • Bone structure of the jaw,
  • The level and length of the protrusion,
  • The time period in which the surgery will take place,
  • The specialist who will perform the surgery,

is in the form.


Double Jaw Surgery

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